52nd Anniversary of The Battle of Long Tan


Honouring Our Vietnam Veterans - Today marks the 52nd anniversary of The Battle of Long Tan also known as Vietnam Veterans Day The following has been posted as a point of reflection and a tribute to the courage and commitment of the 60,000 Australian personnel who served in Vietnam during Australia`s 10 year involvement there, 521 of whom were lost during service.The Battle of Long Tan was the first major conflict of the Vietnam War fought between Australian troops and forces loyal to North Vietnam.

The battle occurred in the late afternoon of Sunday 18th August 1966 in a rubber plantation east of the Suoi Da Bang River, Phuoc Tuy Province , South Vietnam. 
108 soldiers comprising D Company, 6th Battalion, and the Royal Australian Regiment were conducting a reconnaissance of the plantation when they became engaged in combat with a major enemy force that outnumbered them more than 20 to 1. Surrounded on all sides and under heavy fire, with torrential rain falling and fading light D Company held their ground for more than three hours until reinforcements arrived and the enemy withdrew. 18 Australians and 245 enemy troops lost their lives as a result of the battle.

Follow the link for the Battle of Long Tan Documentary